Computer Love


Did you  have a nice weekend my  fellow Mrs. No Mores & Mrs. Nevers (heretofore known as MNM’s)?

Did you have a date or have fun with your new mate?  If you’ve found someone to spoon with you can stop reading now.

This post is for MNM’s who spent the weekend indoors.  You know who you are.  You didn’t even open the blinds to see the big moon.

Was Fly me to the Moon “your” song?

Whether you consider yourself generation X, Y, Z or you’re a boomer, dating is a necessary evil on the quest for togetherness.  I personally would rather hire a private investigator to find the one I’m looking for, if only I knew his name.

When a friend suggest you go to a bar and your first thought is Juice, or she suggests a night club and you tell her you already belong to 24 hour fitness, you’ve been out of the game a while.  Dating is like riding a bike…a rusty Schwinn Stingray.  Remember how that felt?

You are not alone in  being alone.  Listed below are just a handful of dating sites you can explore and approximately what looking for love will cost you. I tried one that shall remain nameless (e-harmony).

Maybe I just can’t carry a tune.  Suficit to say, no harmonizing went on. Call me old fashion, but I prefer to meet potential partners in the flesh.  For me, chemistry does not come through a keypad.

Good luck and be careful. Everybody likes long walks on the beach and beautiful sunsets.

Site Number of Members % US US Members Monthly Cost 96 million 70% 67 million $34.99
eHarmony 37 million 89% 33 million $59.95
Singlesnet 25 million 100% 25 million $24.95
Zoosk 54 million 40% 22 million $39.99
Mate1 31 million 69% 21 million $49.95
Plenty of Fish 23 million 65% 15 million Free.
Upgrade @ $88.20/quarter
Chemistry 11 million 88% 10 million $49.95
SpeedDate 9 million 80% 7 million $39.95
OkCupid 9 million
(rough estimate)
77% 7 million Free.
Upgrade @ $9.99/m
(50% off for students)

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