Age before Beauty


By Presidential proclamation in 1963, May was named, Older Americans Month.

How do you know if you are an Older American (OA)?

If you hear, Ma’am and you turn around…you are an OA.

If you mention “Norma Rae,”  in a conversation and someone asks, is she a friend of yours?…you are an OA.

If you walk into Forever 21, and the sales girl asks if you need directions…you are an OA.

If you are eligible to join AARP, you are an OA.

According to AARP, the majority of midlife divorces are initiated by the ladies.  The study goes on to say that for the majority of them, their new life is filled with adventure, happiness and satisfying sex.

Considering the alternative, getting old ain’t so bad.  Just don’t fight it by any means necessary.  Resist the urge to turn your lips into flotation devices.

After fifty, let your breast be.  If you’ve ever seen a naked woman of a certain age with teenage ta tas, you will be cured of the desire.  If a man judges a women of any age by her breast size, think of his penis size.

Reach out to elderly ladies and lend them your ears.  Listen, learn and laugh and you’ll both be better for it. Experience comes from mistakes.  Are you experienced?


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