So what do you do?


May Day!  May Day!  May Day!

Finding a job in today’s market might be harder than finding a new Mr. More.  The economy is on life-support and you can’t make ends meet with your spousal support.

For some of you, stay-at-home Mom’s,  divorce may mean you have to go out there and work hard for no money.

If you haven’t worked since the Clinton Administration,  you are entering the world of cubicles and cub scouts.

Here are a few tips to get you started on your path to labor:

Update your resume:  Go light on the enlightenment skills  and the life coaching you did for women in need of nothing.

Looking for a job is a job.  That means you have to set the clock, get out of your bunny socks and search the web and sign up for every networking site you are remotely qualified for.

Dust off your old Rolodex and re-connect  ( if  you are in possession of a Rolodex,  your contacts are not only old, you may reach a line that is no longer in service at this time).

Job Interview – Do’s and Don’ts


Be honest about your qualifications.

Be willing to start at the bottom  (remember the last time you were one top?)

Be willing to start at a less-then-desirable salary.



Talk about your divorce.

Name drop.  If the interviewer knows said name and you really don’t, the interview is over.

Say the main reason you want to work for the company is the seeming availability of single men.

Already working?  For those already in the work force, know you’ll face the knowing looks and eyes of sadness as you remove all those photos of him.  For every photo you remove, replace it with a new one featuring you doing something amazing.   This is where Photoshop comes in handy.

Focus on the work at hand and limit talk about the split during business hours.  Your co-workers may sympathize and empathize but the boss might not.

If you have close friends at work, save the horror stories for Happy Hour. Don’t over do it or you’ll be a screwed driver if  the police pull you over.

It’s called Happy Hour…not Happy Days.


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