Spring Forward


Spring Cleaning: Your Life After the Ex

Pat yourself on the knee, if you managed to do a little Spring cleaning.  For Mrs. No More this means  you mustered up the strength to rid your closet of clothing and shoes from 2002.

If you haven’t worn it or walked in those dusty dos it in the last ten years, it’s time to say adios.  They’d leave if they could, but they’re still in the of the closet.  You’re just not into them and/or cannot fit  in to them.  Your feet do get wider with age, or after years of wearing flip-flops.
Can’t  bring yourself to do it?   You need company.  First remove  everything you think you can’t live without. Better yet, fill two suitcases and leave the rest.  Invite friends your size and let them bask in your corduroy.
Serve up some fun and enjoy watching them squeeze into the same jeans that never fit you. They leave happy and grateful and you’ll be amazed at  the size of your closet. You go inside and sit in the middle of it joyful and tearful.
When it comes to cleaning out our emotional closet, we are Horders.  This is the walk-in memory closet and it holds a lot of baggage.  You remove a thought and another is there to quickly ‘feel’ its place.  Your mind is a terrible place to be.  It will always take up more space than any closet or garage.
Fear not Fendi is your problem.
Ever heard this meaning for fear –  False Evidence Appearing Real?  Or to quote the Ghetto Boys, “My mind’s playing tricks on me.”
 You will be stronger and smarter after you clean out those old emotional cobwebs. A true metamorphosis takes time, so be patient and take as long as you need. The healing process varies for everyone and is based on a completely personal timeline. If you trust in yourself and the support of your family and friends,  thorough cleansing will help you to determine the lessons behind your loss.
Spring never comes before winter, so do the work, embrace the rejuvenation process, and respect your natural progression.


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