Shoe Therapy


I’m sure the folks who thought up Foot Health Awareness month (no April Fools), would disagree with my way of honoring this ode to the foot by suggesting you purchase a fabulous pair of heels so high, you won’t be able to walk up your own drive way.

Throw a shoe party where the guests must bring  their FPP’s (favorite painful pumps).  Rent a fireman pole, greese it and take turns trying to wrap your kesters around it.

You and your friends will laugh so hard, one of you will forget about the Stripper your ex left you for.  Some might even come to appreciate  Ms. Polly’s pole skills. It hard on the pole.

If  your ex-Heel paid dearly and you still live in the Big Shoe, consider taking a  sole trip.  Organize a pump pilgrimage to learn how your boots were made for walking.  Take a trip  abroad and check out a few of the High Heel Shoe Museums listed:

Northampton Shoe Museum – located in Northampton, England. The home of the “pump.”  God bless the Queens.

Salvatore Ferragomo Museum – located in Florence, Italy is where the “stiletto”  was created. Mama Mia!

Deutsches Ledermuseum/Schuhmuseum (German Leather Museum/Shoe Museum) – located in Offenbach am Main (near Frankfurt).  Everybody knows the Germans strive for perfection. I hear they have a white pump that is to die for.


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