April is Stress & Anxiety Awareness Month


Regardless of how bad you were treated during your years of captivity (bad marriage), you find yourself missing him and secretly longing for your former captor.  You’ve just bought a way ticket to crazy town.   How could anybody in his or her right mind, still pine for the old slime?  The condition your condition is in is called  Stockholm syndrome.*

The term was coined in 1973 steaming from a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden where a number of hostages were held for six days.  Having bonded with their captors, the former hostages refused to testify against them, going so far as to raise money for their defense.  This behavior intrigued those that study such things and several men in white coats, found that this kind of emotional attachment is fairly common.  Feel a little less stressed, Mrs. No More?

You might still believe there is hope for the two of you.  After all, the United States broke up and got back together again after massive causalities.  Why can’t the two of you?  So what if he’s engaged and his fiancée is with child?  He was tricked.  Maybe he’s suffering from Stockholm Syndrome too!

*I’m a non-paid writer.  Please ask your Doctor if Swiss Miss is right for you.


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