Debbie does Divorce  


Divorce Diva of the Month

Debbie Reynolds:   actress/singer, born April 1, 1932

Everybody plays the fool.  Debbie Reynolds is no exception to the rule.  She’s a fool for love.  She was born that way, or on this day which may  explain why she married  and divorced so many fools.

Eddie Fisher was husband number one. She and Eddie comforted  Elizabeth Taylor after the death of one of her husband.  Eddie was a great crooner and comforter.  So much so,  he  dumped Debbie and married Ms. Taylor.

Debbie’s second husband was a rambler and a gambling and a sweet talking ladies’ man who managed to find plenty of time to fool around and leave Debbie in debt.  Husband  number three turned out to be the  sequel to number two.  Singin’ in the Rain is how she survived and is still thriving as one singular sensation.

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