Craft Matters


It’s Crafts Month….  Make a POPPET – a cousin of the voodoo doll, it is symbolic of the inner person.  You can also make a poppet that represents another’s innards.

All you’ll need to do is fashion a cloth image and stuff  it with either herbs, branches, clay, potatoes, carved root, corn shafts or fruits such as lemon or apples.  Wax and paper will also suffice.  Mix it up a little; have a poppet making-party.

Cast a spell.  Imagine you possess the power of the paranormal (divorce counts as an out of body experience).  Pick out your favorite or least favorite Poppet, close your eyes and stick and spell away until your poppet’s been poked and blessed or cursed or whatever the case my be.

Display your creations for friends, foes and family.

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