What’s in a Name?


“We’re sorry, the divorcee you are trying to reach is not sure what name to respond to.”

Unless you suffer from multi-personally disorder, thus answering to whomever is currently occupying  your frontal cortex, if you changed you name after you exchanged vows, and like wow, look at you now – you may be suffering from an identity crisis, Mrs. No-More.

Most of our mothers took our father’s name and kept it after a divorce.  It made sense at the time not to confuse the children or social security.

Having grown up with a “Ms.” reading Mama, you felt empowered and hyphenated your last name;  Mrs. Wang-Holder, Mrs. Hardy-Harr  and the former Mrs McDonald-Berger.

Growing up watching Oprah, you kept your last name for personal and/or professional reasons.  You read The Secret. Even so, many still referred to you as Mrs. So & So.  And if you had children, that name will be placing flowers on your grave.

Sometimes it’s beneficial to hold on to his last name. Bianca Jagger’s been divorced from Mick for decades. Camille Grammer is a Beverly Hill’s housewife without a husband.  If you divorced one of the rich and/or famous, you don’t need any advice from me.  Call yourself, Ms. One Percent.

Whatever you decide to do, your Mommy will still love you even if she told you not to marry the fool.

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