Marching On to the Great Beyond


By now your what to do with your future suggestion cup hath runneth over with well-intended ways to improve your state of mind.  Friends, family, therapists, self-help/improvement books, advertisements and paid programming promise the secret to success after your divorce.

All well and good except for the fact that at this stage of your life, said advice is flying in one ear and out the other.  Or you’re taking it all in and giving yourself a nervous breakdown in five easy steps.  In the name of Mental Health Month – stop the insanity!

I’m all for self improvement regardless of one’s mental or marital status, but for some reason society views heartache as the perfect time to really get to know yourself, as if you somehow left yourself at the altar (and some of you may have).

If there was ever a time for reflection of self, divorce is up there in the top three, along with death and being down-sized. We all know that a mind is a terrible thing to lose so before you, “Ask your doctor” if that medication is right for you, ask yourself if your present state of mind is akin to that of a marshmallow. Feelings…nothing more than…okay, I’ll stop.  Let’s talk about feelings.

Do you feel any any of following:

You don’t feel like getting out of bed.

You feel lost.

You feel found.

You’ve lost that loving feeling.

You don’t feel.

You feel you feel too much.

If  you’re feeling numb or all the above you’re… normal.  That’s what my $150.00-an-hour psychologist told me.  My gift to you.  Feel better?


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